Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Does God Exist-Some food for thought!

I feel strongly about so many things I come across that sometimes it becomes difficult for me to try & focus! So I took the easy way out. I asked my buddy 'Ok tell me what do you want me to write on today'? He says 'Does God exist'?

I was like...whoaaahhh, hang on a sec, did I really think I would be able to write on a subject that has been debated for millions of years, a subject which has mankind still undecided! A subject too broad or very difficult to answer, a subject so abstract that even a single line of thought is difficult to prove/disapprove!

I think I am too young to be talking about a subject at which I may be a novice. But well, aren't we all novices in one subject or the other? No harm in trying right? :-). Do you know the best way to understand or learn something about a subject? Talk to people! Sounds simple, isn't it? Trust me, it is that simple.

Everyone around you has something to say & in no time you would have 1000 different opinions, things you alone might have never thought of! Now isn't that a simple effort with rich rewards? You're not only learning more but in the process, you made them THINK!

Here are a few interesting answers I got from my friends on the question  'Who is God & does He exist'?
SIVA: God is shape less... colourless.. religionless...he / she is invisible. There is only one God .We can feel GOD...
AK:  WHO IS GOD? An invisible entity that we have named to comfort our selves? We all circle towards God when we have pain, agony, happiness, need, greed and deprivation. We don’t know whether it is male or female, living or eternal. But we all believe of some being that controls the world around us. GOD controls the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat.

We as a human race believe in relative measures in our thoughts. We intend to submit our selves in a greater power than us. It is always a lopsided view of things that gets to us. It gives comfort to humans to believe in this great power that has written a destiny for each and every living individual on this planet and may be beyond. GOD IS A METAPHOR !!!!

GAGS: God for me is nothing but a supreme power which I know exists but has not been seen. I have felt its existence at time but as I am a man of science so I believe in what I see...I don't believe there is God in temples or mosques...but it is the faith that drags them to the holy places...so for me God is Faith!
Well said people! As far as I know these are three different people with three different personalities in no way similar to each other but yet if you look closely, all three of them are essentially saying the same thing! Isn't it interesting? Or rather weird that no matter how different we think or act, when it comes to God...somewhere, somehow we all agree that he exists! Now the words above may suggest different things to different people but they are all reflecting one basic thought 'Yes, God Exists!'

Yes, God Exists! He is not in temples, mosques or churches! He is not in the idols you see or worship. He has no gender (I know I'm referring to him as a 'He', makes it simpler for me to write the post with a 'He' than a 'It' :-)). He cannot be defined because for every being that exists on earth, he means something different!

To me, God is a power that controls everything we see around us. An 'Energy' that surrounds us in every walk of life. God is what you believe he/she is. Places of Worship like temples, mosques or churches are just man's ways of reaching out to him. Something so abstract cannot be worshipped right? So man made idols or places of worship in how he saw it. God is not bound by religion or class, rich or poor, good or bad! God is God!

He exists within you, around you, in everything you do, feel or touch!

Men of Science say that behind every thing that happens on earth, there is a a cause or effect! What you see is what you believe? So who gave us the power to believe what we see? Who gave us the power to judge if something is right or wrong? Yes, education taught us morals but relative to what? Isn't everything on earth relative to one another? You need something to compare it to something else. There is no thing called 'ABSOLUTE' on earth!

Physics taught us 'Nothing can be created or destroyed, it can only be converted'! But something had to exist to get converted to, something had to be present for us to draw conclusions about, something was responsible for every other thing on earth which we beings have no control over!

Atheists may say God does not exist because he is intangible! Who says we need to touch or sense or feel to realize the power that controls this universe? You just need to look around you, its all there in the form of creation! Its simple really. What you see around you itself is God! When one says he/she does not believe in God, they are simply saying they do not acknowledge their existence in this universe cause they don't see him! But don't you think by saying you don't believe in him is in itself an example of your mind being able to think the way it does! Its simple, ain't it?

God may be a Faith, a Force, An Energy, An Invisible entity or Power! Its what you think He is! Its how you think He is & thats exactly what He is!

PS: Thanks Gags for suggesting this topic & your thoughts. You actually made me think about this like I've never thought of before! Thanks AK & Siva for your beautiful thoughts. Thanks for your time.God Bless.


ANtZZZZ said...

GUess we have just touched the tip of the iceburg.. in simple terms, can we explain where did all these relevant religions came to be !!! how did we manage to give a face to the so called gods .. sometimes we behave as if we are gods .. gods with faces, emotions, brains.

sometimes ..

octa8on said...

Heard about The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins? A bestseller in its own right. Maybe an interesting read regardless of whether you subscribe to his idea.

Preeti Kashyap said...

wow! now this is a profound topic indeed. Well, according to Advaitism (by sankaracharya-we follow him). He says- "aham brahmasmi", meaning "I am God/supreme self". Every soul identifies with a supreme outside him as he finds it difficult to find God within himself.This is due to the materialistic bondage and emotions. But, once he realizes himself (seeing God within him as his conscience)and excepts the ultimate truth-realization of God and accepting death, he gets free of worldly emotions and bondage like fear,anxiety,lust etc., . This was experienced by Buddha, ramakrishna paramahamsa and sankara himself. So why give names like shiva, jesus or vishnu? We have been given a form to pray so that we idolize them and follow their footsteps to achieve realization. Ask any normal person to believe in himself or his mother as God. He can't. This is due to his attachment to own his body and emotions to his mother. Once a person raises above his ego,emotions and worldly bondage...he is said to have realized God.