Thursday, November 19, 2009

FIFA World Cup Football 2010 Preview :-)

Football or 'Soccer' as it is called in Europe has always been my favourite sport :-).....I cannot recall the number of sleepless nights I've spent watching this sport on TV back in India. I still remember how I used to write daily updates on all the matches of FIFA 2006 World Cup and send it to everyone on my mailing list irrespective of whether they loved the game or not ;-). In fact so many of my friends who've been cricket fans ended up watching soccer too out of the curiosity & excitement I created for the game! Little wonder then that I promise I'll continue in the same fervour for FIFA World Cup Football 2010.

Soccer remains special to me for I started writing a blog exclusively for soccer! If you've noticed, most of my archives under the sports label would be on soccer :-). I credit this game for the expansion of my blog & my writing skills. Maybe I would've turned into a sports columnist had it not been for people who advised me to write on other stuff too coz they thought I wrote good! I'm humbled & overwhelmed, thank you but I'm still a novice! I assure you, I wouldn't disappoint you...I exist because of lovely readers like you!

Cricket has always been a major hit with Indians and to this day, we see ourselves connecting with the game in a way no other sport can boast of! Yet, the fan base for soccer is increasing day by day...thanks to some brilliant League Championships & high profile player bidding! We all know how IPL was formed on the lines of EPL and what a huge hit it was! So in a way, soccer did influence the birth of T-20 IPL!

Cricket or Soccer, Tennis or Formula-1....sports has the ability to enchant any kind of audience....from a toddler to a veteran, sports connects us all! Three Cheers! :-)

Yes, the last 6 spots have been taken for the FIFA 2010 World Cup Football! The whole world is looking forward to an exciting face off between some of the best teams in the world as they play it out to gain a glory that every champion dreams of!

For more details, visit the link below:

Football World Cup lineup decided as last 6 spots taken: "CELEBRATING: Portugal's Meireles celebrates after scoring against Bosnia during their qualifying soccer match.


Sans said...

Hi Amari's comments abt soccer is sure intersting,it sort of refreshed my memories of my avid interest in football.Cricket seemed quite boring(m talking of before t20 times)compared to football wherein each second was pulsating!!Now post VRS from a hectic banking career looking forward to an exciting followup of soccer matches on TV.
Good writing,Amari keep it up!

Amari said...

Thank you for the feedback Sandhya aunty...Welcome to the soccer-fan club! :-)