Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paranormal Activity- A Mighty Paradox!

'Paranormal Activity' (referred to as PA in my post henceforth). So what is this movie about?
Here is a one line description about the movie from Twitter: " An ultra low-budget horror film about a couple experiencing demonic forces at night".

Hmmm....now this has been the most discussed film on Twitter right now for the last couple of weeks. This movie supposedly has already crossed $61 million in revenue, an astonishing amount considering it was made for just a $15000. It had a limited release in few theatres initially but later had a through-out US release by Paramount Pictures courtesy: Brilliant Online marketing & a wide buzz on almost every other social network! Twitter tops the list!

As a victim of curiosity, I happened to watch this movie along with my pals. I wanted to know what is it about this movie that has made it a nationwide hit among people. People have been saying things like: The most scary horror movie ever made in Hollywood, resulted in insomnia for some, paranoia for others etc etc. Now I wanted to discover & undergo that chilly experience myself so here I was enthusiastic & waiting to have an amazing experience. The movie started...the first 15 min passed, nothing happened! Next 15 min, still nothing! The remaining time: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing...& finally before I realised what is happening: The movie is over! Over?????? Whoaaa...Are you kidding me Mr. Oren Peli? What were you thinking when you directed this movie?

No offence Mr.Peli, I hated the movie but I certainly salute your guts for having it released!

On second thoughts, I do not blame you. Its us, the normal viewers, the audience who is at fault here. I have a few questions to ask the people who have liked or rather loved this movie:

  1. Is the audience really thinking that holding a handy-cam & roaming around the house shooting two characters constitute a good movie?
  2. People who have said a chill ran down their spine watching this movie, do you even happen to realise how much agony you might have caused to the likes of Stephen King?
  3. If you call this 'Horror' , how about 'The Ring', 'The Omen', 'Hellraiser', 'Friday the 13th','Psycho', 'The Sixth Sense'? Aren't you insulting the cognizant sensibilitites & creative capabilities of makers of brilliant movies like these by calling PA the most scariest movies you've ever seen?
  4. Do you really think the movie had elements of something called 'bone-chilling' moments?
  5. Have you ever learnt the word 'Amateurish' at school?
  6. Are you sure you're not just following the mob-crowd mentality of saying you like something just because others say so?
  7. Are you scared of being in the minority who have said they hated the movie & fear being outcasted for it?
  8. Do you know the definition of horror or have ever watched good horror movies?
  9. Lastly....If PA was good, ARE YOU NUTS????
I appreciate all those people wo have rated the movie for what it is (make sure you check out: http://rottentomatoes.com/ , the reviews are hilarious! :-))
PA is a paradox! The reason I make this statement is:
Its a 'Thumbs Down'
  • For the movie,
  • For the people who loved it
  • For the people who called it a 'Hollywood Classic'
  • For those who insulted all other great horror genre filmakers out there by saying its one of the best!
But its a 'Thumbs up'
  • To the Director Mr. Oren Peli for a brave attempt for making one
  • To the Online Marketing Team for making a hit out of nothing
  • To independent filmakers, because if you have a brilliant script, go ahead & shoot it for it has the potential to be big with the right kind of marketing and you wouldn't have to go to 'Universal' or 'Columbia Pictures or 'Time-Warner Bros' to produce it!
  • To people who have the talent but no budget, if PA could be made on a shoe-string budget of $15000 & made earnings in excess of $61 million, so can your movie!
All said & done, I know I wasted money & time on this one but I have no regrets. It taught me a brilliant lesson:
"Never rely on the sensibilities of the majority, they can sometimes be WRONG too!"


krishna said...

americans are outstanding at hyping everything the world as ever never seen. so dont believe what the newspapers, the journalists and all the different kind of media say. Judge yourself.

but yes, if everybody looks to be saying that it was the bestest ever never god-blessed most amazing shit that anybody in the entire grand universe has ever never seen - then you can be sure that its SHIT! dont even go near it and waste your time and money...

god bless america

Preeti Kashyap said...

great review!

Vinay said...

ya right its good that finally u r not following the crowd