Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In Hope we believe....In Silence we pray….

It was late monday evening….I had just returned home, was hungry & trying to find something to eat…as usual, I switched on the television to catch up on one of the matches of French Open at Roland Garros…As I was flicking through the channels, I happened to come across a direct telecast from France 24 being shown on Times Now. There were scenes of flights, people all around & chaos everywhere. Being curious, I sat down to watch what was happening. As I continued, I realized I was looking at the news showing how an Air France Jet which ahd taken off from Rio De Janeiro to Paris, had crashed into the Atlantic taking down with it all 228 people aboard, the worst tragedy in 75-years!

For a moment, I was numb, too astonished to believe that 228 innocent people had perished…just like that! In their wildest of dreams they must have not imagined a tragedy of this mammoth happening to them…One single moment of catastrophe had destroyed so many lives, lives of not just the ones who lost it, but also lives of the ones from Families, Friends, well-wishers who would grieve for their loved ones their entire lives….

My face had turned a stark sad by then, all I could hear was, news reporters reading out the sms’es sent by the people aboard to their loved ones before the crash, ones like ‘I’m scared, don’t know what’s happening’ , ‘Something’s gone wrong, remember I love you’ etc. I realized I couldn’t move from the chair I was sitting…all the while hoping for some miracle to happen & watching all the 228 alive back again. But that was not to be!

Its 2 days now, the search is still on…hopes of survivors having vanished but hopes of finding the bodies is still something that all the people are praying for now…It made me suddenly realize how precious life is & how easily we forget that most of the times.
Lets not look at this as a one-off incident but as one which makes us realize how grateful we need to be to all those around us who make our lives worthwhile!

Lets all pray in silence for the souls of all the lost lives & ask the Almighty to give their families courage & strength to withstand such a huge loss! Amen



astrosunilnomy said...

i was also shocked to hear this ...this was simply not acceptable ...228 plus 12 crew ...240 lives suddenly gone! being from automotive sector we talk a lot about how exhaustive testing is done especially on aeroplanes to avoid such accidents...i could just imagine the situation before the plane hot the ocean by co relating it to the one in Cast Away...i helplessly hoped there is some island nearby so that few could swim life !! ...may be technolgy needs further advancement to handle such situations !!

ANtZZZZ said...

It really is astonishing to gasp what happened. A mammoth of a machine was brought down by certain circumstances.. Guess we all know machines are bound by limits .. but we yearn not to beleive the fact that such things can take place. I agree with sunil as we need to strive hard to gain an edge in technology to avoid such tragedy from happening..