Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Passing Thought!

I was walkin' down the road today n I happened to just glance at one of the hotels in the city....I saw a huge barricade of vehicles outside the hotel...some lucky to get parkin' n some tryin' every possible trick in the book to get a parking place...Hmmm...this certainly triggered off a thought in my mind..I was like 'If there's one business that would never go out of demand in Bangalore,it would definitely be the city's various restaurants n hotels...They win hands down!'

Economic Boom or Recession...people never think twice about splurgin' on good food...
Be it the city's biggest hotels or the roadside side chaat vendors...they are a huge hit!Try gettin' a table in any restaurant or hotel durin' peak hours in less than 5 minutes...u will know what Im talkin' about...:-)

May be I should try visitin' a few places n enlighten all the food lovers out there with speciality restaurants n what they have on offer...yup! sounds a gr8 idea...:-)....Keep watchin' this space for more...Till then...Have a beautiful weekend folks!